Skype/Phone Consultation Services

By popular request, I am now offering REAL-TIME, voice and video consultations by Skype or by phone!

This service is available to authors who prefer discussing editorial suggestions out loud as opposed to by email, those who are on a tight schedule and need to idea-bounce with instant feedback, those who would like to practice speaking out loud about their work before a conference or an agent call, etc.

How much does it cost?

-If you HAVE contracted a full MS edit (any level) or critique, ONE consultation is included. There is no official time limit; however, you can expect about 60 minutes for most projects. (NOTE: This applies only to NEW editing jobs contracted on or after June 25, 2016, and not to past jobs)

-If you have NOT contracted a full MS edit or critique (this includes authors who have contracted query, synopsis, or partial critiques, as well as those who ONLY want a consultation, the following rates apply:

Skype (voice only): $25/hr, $25 minimum, billed in 30 minute increments after the first hour
Skype (video): $35/hr, $35 minimum, billed in 30 minute increments after the first hour
Phone: $30/hr, $30 minimum, billed in 30 minute increments after the first hour

Phone rates include the international calling rates, which I will cover; if by some chance you live in Japan, phone consultations are offered at the Skype voice only rates. I’m sorry, but Face Time consultations are not available. Phone consultations are to be done from my landline only, for privacy reasons.  Thank you for understanding.

Is it really necessary?

That depends on you! I’ve definitely felt that it was easier to discuss some things with my agent over the phone, and I think it really depends on the author’s personal style whether or not email is “enough” to really get across your concerns. Many authors are perfectly satisfied with text edits only, and if that works for you, there is no reason to feel that you need to pay extra for voice chat!

Why do you charge for this service?

Honestly, I didn’t used to.  I had a couple of clients who was asking for Skype consultations almost every other day, and ended up giving them HOURS of my time with no pay.  Unfortunately, this made me realize that I need to set limits… I’m glad to include ONE consultation for anyone hiring me to work on their full MS, but beyond that, that time really isn’t included in my editing quotes.

Will you still answer questions by email or Twitter for free?

As of now, yes!  The main difference there is that I can basically answer at a time that fits with MY schedule, and you can ask your next question at a time that fits with YOURS.  All I ask is that you understand that I might not be online 24/7, and that I’ll get back to you as soon as I possibly can!  Phone and video chat consultations require setting aside that hour or so to work exclusively on your project.  I’m happy to do that, but I ask that you reimburse me for my time with what I hope are fair rates.

How does payment work?

If you would like to do a phone or Skype consultation, please email first to set up a time!  Don’t forget to tell me what time zone you are in or the general area where you live (I don’t need your address, just “US Pacific time” or “near Paris,” etc is enough for me to Google the time difference!), and we’ll figure out if our schedules match up.  If they DO, please pay the minimum fee via Paypal (the first hour’s rate) before the scheduled time. THIS IS NON-REFUNDABLE, although if you need to CHANGE to a different day or time, I can accept schedule changes.  During the consultation, if we are approaching the one-hour mark and have not discussed everything you wanted to get to, I will ASK if you want to continue and be charged for another 30 minutes.  If you agree, you will owe anything beyond the initial hour’s rate AFTER the consultation.

Wait! I have another question!

Ack! Sorry I wasn’t able to answer everything here!  Please email me, or head over to my contact form, and I’ll answer your questions ASAP!

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