About Kimberly


To Kimberly Ito, everything is epic. As an author, her aim is to make her readers laugh, cry, live, and love right along with her characters. As a reader, she loves books that let her do the same. As a freelance editor, she is dedicated to rehoming every misplaced comma, but also has a sharp eye for voice, rhythm, and POV issues. (In her own writing, however, she makes the same mistakes that everyone else does… go figure!)

Kimberly grew up in Roanoke, Virginia and attended the University of Southern California, determined to become a filmmaker. Upon being rejected by the film school, however, she shifted her focus and graduated with a double major in East Asian Languages and Cultures and International Relations. Having fallen in love with Japan during the year she spent abroad at Tokyo’s Waseda University, Kimberly returned to the Tokyo area after graduation, where she still lives with her husband, children, and pets.

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